Nov 8, 2011


Come listen to Sustainable Seattle's Happiness Initiative team member John de Graaf talk on this panel and Executive Director Laura Musikanski moderate the panel on stress and well-being.

Less stress through technology?

Multi-tasking with technology

Are you focused? Are you planning to read this entire blog post? How many other browsers do you have open? How stressed out do you feel?

Just to think about the the subject of destraction and the stress that comes with the constant barrage of technology-fed information makes me feel stressed out.

How do we deal with stress? What is the impact of stress on a person's health and on their over-all well-being?

As we all know, in the face-paced world of technology today we are hard-pressed to opt-out of the tech spaces where we, "Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Google, skim, scan, text-message, and instant-message, half-engaged in "hmmm...what?" conversations as we madly multitask" (more on UW blog post).

Writer, researcher, and one of the panelists on the subject at our upcoming event, Got Stress?, David Levy, examines an interesting concept - contemplative multitasking.

What is this concept? How can it help to alleviate stress? Can it make you healthier?

Join us for an engaging conversation on Thursday, November 30th called Got Stress? - just in time for the holidays - where we will examine stress through the lense of health. What is stress all about? How does it effect you?

Register today!

How many times per day does the typical office worker check email?

Answer to the question: More than 50 times per day.

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