Oct 23, 2014

Depave Seattle Launches

We are ready to kick some asphalt! 

Last week our team launched Depave the Duwamish, a King County and King Conservation District funded project that will entail pulling up unnecessary asphalt at industrial sites in the Duwamish Valley and replacing it with rain gardens, trees, and other plants. This has a powerful positive impact on our waterways, cleaning dirty stormwater as it filters through the ground, preventing polluted runoff from entering the Sound and other waterways.  Tune in to the project on Facebook!
To be a feasible Depave site for this project, properties need to fit certain criteria.  For one, we are focusing on sites that are not connected to the Combined Sewer System, and are not known toxic cleanup sites. Two, we are seeking sites with property owners who are excited to partner with us on this project to remove asphalt and improve the site with greenery and other amenities to improve customer and employee experiences. 

Know of a good site? Have questions about the site criteria?  Let us know!

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