Oct 23, 2014

Sustainability Leadership Awards 2015

It is the season.. for the Sustainability Leadership Awards!

 Send us your nominations, we know you have some great organizations in mind.

Nominations due by November 14th.
Mark your calendars for January 23rd!

We will be heading to MOHAI again this year, celebrating the most inspiring accomplishments in the region that are moving sustainability forward.  Check out
photos from last year! 

Individual Award
Sustainability Hero  
A specific individual who has made a significant and inspiring contribution to the sustainability movement in the Greater Seattle area in their role as a community member or as part of an organization.

Business/Government Awards
Significant Newcomer (The First Step is the Hardest) 
A business that is new to incorporating sustainability into their business practies.  The changes are making a significant impact on the business' resource use and social impacts.
Creative Solution to a Big Problem: Innovator
  A business that has engaged in an innovative approach to a sustainability challenge, reducing resource use and negative social impacts.
Setting An Example: Doing it Right 
( A business that has become a model for their sustainability practices.  The business emphasizes transparency and education in implementing the sustainability practices, providing a demonstration for other businesses to duplicate their efforts.

Community Awards
Transforming Spaces:Landscape or Building
  Project that revived, transformed, or changed the purpose of an urban community space - including parks, streets, and other public spaces.
Resource Impact: Energy, Water, Materials, Waste
Project or campaign that significantly impacted water and/or energy use, air and/or water quality, and/or local food networks at a community-wide level.
Transportation Changer
Transformed and/or impacted how one or more community utilizes or engages with transportation relating to bike and pedestrian safety, transit-oriented communities, and/or public transit.

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