Oct 31, 2008

2008 Celebrate Local Campaign - Green Your Holidays

Welcome to the 'Green Your Holidays' opportunity area of the 2008 Celebrate Local Campaign. To be eligible for one of the weekly rewards from one of our partners, like a Chinook Book, Celebrate Local book, gift packages from our partners, or tickets to a local cultural event, REPORT YOUR ACTION HERE.

Here are a few suggestions from our partners and community members:
- Give experiences or your time instead of stuff. (visit King County Waste Free Holidays and King County EcoConsumer for more ideas).
- Switch to LED lights and increase the energy efficiency of your home this winter.
- Eliminate wrapping paper and packaging- lots of ideas how to and more at Celebrate Green, where you can order the book Celebrate Green by local authors Corey Colwell-Lipson and Lynne Colwell.
- Even more ideas at Green Thing.
- Home-make gifts such as soap, picture framed and more (Check out the Seattle Free School offerings).
- Help the environment by learning how to garden or reducing your carbon footprint on TeachStreet.
- Walk, bike and bus to your holiday events. You can now use Google Maps to get directions by using public transit or walking.


  1. I wrap gifts by finding beautiful scarves or silk handkerchiefs at secondhand stores and using them as the wrap. You can also find many great small and medium sized wooden and tin boxes to put things in.

  2. You can find TONS of holiday decorations...for any holiday...at Value Village, Goodwill, and other secondhand stores. Lots of ornaments for example. I even found some great vintage ornaments to match ones of mine that had broken.

  3. Suzzana, 17 years old, SeattleNovember 11, 2008 at 10:45 AM

    I am not going to use wrapping paper this year. Plus, I will walk and bike more places, even in the rain.

  4. I am going to join my local SCALLOPS group- Sustainable Greenlake!

  5. I am going to bike more this winter than I usually do. Rain gear!

  6. Suzzana, 17 years old, SeattleNovember 11, 2008 at 2:58 PM

    I am going to check out Seattle Free School to learn how to make soap for my friends.

  7. Seattle Free School is a great place to learn how to do things Suzzanna! Myself, I am giving jams jellies and other homemade presents to friends and Relatives. I even learned how to make Fruit infused vodka- so simlple to make, so great to give. Hmmmm- Cranberry infused vodka??? The other thing I have done this year is to wrap presents in Cloth bags... Like recieveing a second present!