Oct 31, 2008

2008 Celebrate Local Campaign - Think Local First

Welcome to the 'Think Local First' opportunity area of the 2008 Celebrate Local Campaign!
To be eligible for a reward (a Chinook book, tickets to local events or more), REPORT YOUR ACTION HERE.

Here are a few suggestions from our Celebrate Local partners and community members on how you can 'Think Local First':

- Include at least one locally-grown food item on your holiday table- take the Puget Sound Fresh Pledge to Eat Local for this Thanksgiving and you might win a year's worth of organic turkey or milk.
- Shop at a neighborhood or locally-owned store. Support Seattle BALLE and their work to promoting Think Local First all year long. Even better-encourage a local small business to get a Think Local First! Kit
- Give the gift of Chinook Book: a green resource guide and coupon book for the best of what’s green and local.
- Get your Puget Sound Community Change Card the Interra Project, and funnel money from your purchases to helping schools and non-profit organizations that benefit our community.
- Find local classes on TeachStreet from learning how to play a guitar or
learning how to sew.
- In South King County, visit sococulture.org and click on calendar for lots of local festive events. Support your local artists and performers!


  1. Sustainable Connections in Bellingham has many resources on this topic. Look under "Think Local, Be Local, Buy Locak" area. Their 'How To' resources can be used anywhere.

  2. You can find some good ideas at the 1 Thing Seattle website: www.seattle.1thingus.org

  3. I picked up my Chinook Book yesterday and saved some cash today at PCC, which is usually too expensive for me to go to. I also found out about a cool little sustainable eatery in Wallingford: Irwin's Bakery. Great book . . .

  4. We will eat local food for Thanksgiving. And we will give tickets to performances for Christmas, instead of material gifts.

  5. I will buy my produce form the local farmers' market.

  6. I will buy my food as locally as I can

  7. I will spend less than $100 on all my gifts this year, by making home-made gifts using things bought at local stores and resale stores.

  8. I know that the local stores are having a tough time right now. I have seen some on my own street go out of business. I am going to try and support them, and do all the shopping that I can locally.