Oct 31, 2008

2008 Celebrate Local Campaign - Healthy People and Communities

Share how you will contribute to a Healthy Community for All. To be eligible for a weekly reward (a Chinook Book, tickets to local cultural events or more), USE THE REPORTING FORM.

To inspire you, here are some suggestions from our Celebrate Local partners and community members:
- Buy local, organic foods from a local farmer's market for your holiday table (see Puget Sound Fresh's list) or local grocer like PCC .
- Volunteer your time or skills to help others. Seattle Works and United Way of King County are good places to start.
- Purchase items that are made Fair Trade certified from Community Alliance for Global Justice's "Fair Trade for the Holidays" sale.
- Stay healthy by taking local dance classes or yoga classes in your local communities on TeachStreet.
- Commit to getting to know at least two of your neighbors - take them baked goods, invite them over for coffee, or organize a block clean-up.
- Engage in a community group in 2009. Check out SCALLOPS (Sustainable Communities All Over Puget Sound) for one to join in your neigborhood.
- Attend an event on the 2008 Celebrate Local Calendar.
- Learn a new healthy skill (like how to raise chickens or bees in the city) or teach others through the Seattle Free School.
- Learn about social and health trends in King County in the Communities Count report.


  1. I think animals are a part of our community too. Some ideas to help animals this holiday season are:

    1. put out food for birds, squirrels, etc.
    2. Adopt a pet from your local shelter
    3. Donate pet food to your local shelter

  2. I often spend time with individuals in retirement homes that don't have any family.

  3. I bake treats for all my friends and family each year. Last year I went 100% organic and will do the same going forward every year.

  4. In Ballard, some of us hang 'Julenek' for birds on our homes and on street posts. It is a sheaf of wheat or other grain to help them make it through the winter.

  5. We will be using fabric wraps for all gifts we give this year. NO PAPER! I will also be making any "thing" we give for a gift. In addition, we'll be making donations to various causes for people who are out of town so we don't have to mail gifts.

  6. Becky, north SeattleNovember 17, 2008 at 9:55 AM

    I am going to go to more Greendrinks events- a chance to build the green community more.