May 14, 2013

GiveBIG 2013 x Sustainable Seattle

Picking a non-profit to donate to is tough, there are so many great organizations out there!  There are national groups, local, large, small...when you've finally narrowed it down to the group (or groups) that match your own values you feel happy to have made an impact.  But your giving heart always wants to give more--if only you could save the world! 

Well, you're in luck. This Wednesday, May 15th, your charitable donation to a single charity, like Sustainable Seattle, will give in a bigger way.  How? Gifting on May 15th during GiveBIGThe Seattle Foundation's one-day online giving event will help over 1,400 Seattle area non-profits!

Your gift will increase the stretch pool that will be used to match funds given to each organization.  When you give, you're helping each group receive a higher prorated portion!

Will you join Sustainable Seattle and GiveBIG on May 15th? Your support will go towards our efforts in installing rain gardens with communities throughout Seattle, leaving behind a legacy of cleaner water and a tighter knit community. With your help, we can continue implementing projects that address environmental concerns and catalyze community building. 

Give your gift (on May 15th) here.

What type of rain garden projects will I support when I give to Sustainable Seattle on GiveBIG?
In 2011, we worked closely with a transitional home run by Pioneer Human Services (PHS) in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Though the environmental benefits could have been seen at other locations, the community benefits were unique and incredibly positive for this new rain garden home. 
PHS rain garden in Beacon Hill

Before the rain garden installation, residents interested in gardening did not have a productive outlet - a need recognized by the facilities director, Doug Jans. Jans responded to our call for projects and we immediately saw a perfect fit for our environmental and community goals.

We worked to keep PHS residents involved throughout the project, moving them from volunteer roles during the installation into the enthusiastic maintenance staff of this beautiful functional landscape feature! 

Sustainable Seattle continues to be active in efforts to build community through rain garden projects, currently working closely with Highland Park Improvement Club, a neighborhood-owned community gathering place. The rain garden provides an avenue for continued community involvement and improves the aesthetics of the asphalt parking lot.

When you GiveBIG you will help us continue creating more of these stories. We are already exploring sites in Rainier Valley and White Center. Each site has great visions to create a more welcoming, green space that reduces the amount of concrete while building a space the community can use for events and gatherings. But the rain gardens can only become a reality with your help. 

Give your gift (on May 15th) here.

GiveBIG and Become a Sustainable Seattle member!
As a thank you for your donation of $24 or more, you will receive complimentary membership to Sustainable Seattle! We'll connect you with other students, individuals, families and businesses working to improve the long-term health and sustainability of the Puget Sound region! Learn more about memberships here.

Wait, there is more!
Your donation could be picked throughout the day to receive a Golden Ticket. This ticket will increase your donation by an additional $1,000!  For more chances to win, give your donation in partial amounts througout the day. The Golden Ticket also increases your own chances to win a $100 Starbucks gift card. Win-win!

So set up those sticky notes, iPhone reminders, or the good 'ol red string around the finger.  GiveBIG to Sustainable Seattle on Wednesday, May 15th.  Let's build more rain gardens and tighter knit-communities while protecting our Sound! 

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